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Notifier of New York, Inc. is a family owned business, founded in 1946 by Bill Skvarch Sr., Bill worked hard to build a fine reputation through quality work and top rate service.  Two of Bill's sons, Peter and Bill Jr., now carry on that tradition. 

    Notifier of New York, Inc. has been installing and servicing Fire and Security Alarm Systems since 1947. We have been involved with Closed Circuit Television since 1967.  Our forte is large industrial complexes, using the latest technology to deploy a safe physical environment.  Our experience, combined with careful engineering, assures you of a quality-designed system.  After you have purchased a system, we protect your investment with prompt service.  If a problem arises, we install loaner equipment so that the system is still functional while repairs are being made. 

    We are security professionals. From small systems to industrial complexes.  Installations are done neatly, efficiently, and according to code.  We install only quality equipment, proven in the field for reliability and performance.  When the job calls for professionals-put our experts to work for you.

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Telephone:  (315)492-1794

FAX:          (315)492-1760

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