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       Our expert design team will work closely with Architects, Engineers and General Contractors to ensure the completion of each project is satisfactory to the customer. We can create a system to fit any specifications.  With Notifier of New York there are only design solutions.  Our experience in the industry provides us with the knowledge to meet any design challenge with success.


         Our team of highly trained and NICET certified technicians install systems neatly and efficiently.  Using proven methods, and with the backing of our design team, installations are completed quickly minimizing downtime to the customer.  Our level of dedication and expertise ensure quality in all projects. 

Service and Troubleshooting

           When a problem arises we provide around the clock support.  24 hours a day, personnel are on duty and ready to assist with technical problems.  We have become proficient in servicing other manufacturers products. We are New York State Licensed Fire Alarm and Security Service providers.

Tests and Inspections

           Ensuring reliability of systems well into the future and discovering problems before they happen are key reasons for regular testing and inspection.  We are licensed to conduct UL-listed Fire System and Department of Defense Security System Inspections, in addition to NFPA standard inspections.


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